I'm sitting in the backseat of our car. The rain is bucketing down on the m4, we are returning home from dropping rory home. Bon iver is playing loudly in the stereo, all is silent except him and the rain. It's beautiful.... Peaceful. And to know that somehow everything is ok... It may have something to do with the boots i am wearing, but i feel like i've restored the confidence or trust in myself. Well that its on the repair anyway... It's nice to have this feeling without any external influencing factors.... Then again, it may be the boots. Or the fact that i actually put effort into how i looked today... Who knows. I know that is at this very moment, i feel content. Of course this is subject to change at any given moment, but i'll relish it while i have the chance ;)


Tim said...


Anonymous said...

nothing is better than music and the rain.

Ava said...

And I'm sure it was lovely. Do relish those times. I think most people rarely feel this way and even more sadly don't even recognize a moment like this in the dark, in the rain, with great boots feeling like the person you always hoped you would become.

Okay maybe I should replace the 'you' with 'I'.